Super Early Bird (ends Sunday night)

This is the official Super Early Bird countdown. You have one week to get this very cheap ticket - and yes, the ticket prices are exactly what you will get charged. VAT is included and there are other charges on top. 250 Euros, that's it.

Super Early Bird tickets are limited, though. We simply cannot give all 300 tickets away for this low price. Otherwise we would go broke and this would be the first and last MobX.

Even if you don't manage to get any cheap Super Early Bird tickets, there will still be the reduced price Early Bird and the affordable Regular ticket categories. Take a look at the - well, some have said stellar - lineup we came up with this year. Awesome, right?

We hope to meet you in November in Berlin. MobX 2011 will certainly be a highlight in this years' international conference calendar.

So, again: Super Early Bird tickets are only available until midnight on Sunday, September 11, 2011 - unless the limited number of tickets is sold out before this deadline.

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